BT's Mobius, our tool for simulating malware epidemiology in vehicles has been shortlisted for the IET's innovation annual awards.

Mobius is designed for use in security operations centres for local authorities, manufacturers and security services to identify anomalies in vehicle behaviour and model the impact malware might have in the real world.

Traffic simulation is a valuable tool in understanding the impact of increasingly autonomous levels of road use. For local authorities, fleet management and other organisations deploying vehicle security operations there will be major challenges in dealing with CAVs as they interact with the real world.

Application of compartmental models for epidemiology were implemented, allowing for propagation of malware between vehicles and infrastructure to be modelled. With a larger population, malware can persist for longer and potentially cause reinfections and have a larger impact, even with a relatively low rate of infection. Simulations will allow for an assessment of effectiveness that technological diversity presents as a barrier to malware transmission and the spread of its effect, directly through the spread of malware from vehicle to vehicle.

Geospatial analytics will play a crucial role in analysing the behaviour of vehicles and detecting anomalous behaviour when intelligence from intra-vehicle IDS may not be sufficient. As new standards that necessitate establish security operation centres, there is an increasing need for robust technology to understand vehicle behaviour.

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