Our concept paper for IEEE ISI conference was accepted and will be presented next month.

It's very early work that we aim to develop thoroughly over the coming months, but highlights an important issue for those seeking to utilise XR (virtual reality, mixed reality, etc.) for secure applications.

Whilst a lot of public attention is on the gaming aspect of XR, there is an increasing population of enterprise users. This makes security of those working in XR paramount.

In our experimentation we found that a simple wearable acceleromter (such as found in a smart watch or phone) is sufficient to differentiate between different activities (in this case Half Life: Alyx, Beat Saber or Pistol Whip).

With sufficient training data we anticipate that it will be feasible to identify specific actions carried out my a user (such as entering credentials, or interacting with applications in a specific way) which would enable eavesdropping on a user in VR.

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